DJ Sleep Ez debuts his new single “Don’t Won’t It”

DJ Sleep Ez, a talented artist from Chesterfield, VA, has recently released an electrifying track titled “Don’t Won’t It.” This song, produced by DJ Sleep Ez himself and the renowned JD On Tha Beat, is a result of the demand from his dedicated squad. Motivated by their encouragement to create music that surpasses his previous work, DJ Sleep Ez embarked on a mission to craft a track that exudes both vibe and energy.


“Don’t Won’t It” holds a special place in DJ Sleep Ez’s heart for multiple reasons. Firstly, it features his little brother, Fresh Porter, marking their first collaboration. Additionally, it proudly boasts DJ Sleep Ez’s first out-of-state feature, with the inclusion of Fat Pimp. The unique aspect of this song lies in the studio atmosphere during its creation. The entire team contributed ideas and suggestions, deeply connecting with the vibe and energy DJ Sleep Ez was striving to create. Loah Semi, who has collaborated with DJ Sleep Ez on three previous tracks, elevated the record with his exceptional first verse.


When asked about his favorite line from the song, DJ Sleep Ez immediately points to the hook. The line that resonates with him the most is, “Yall Broke N#*!a Stay Away From Me,” which is cleverly flipped to “Yall Leeching As B$^3h Stay Away From Me” on the second iteration. This line carries a powerful message about keeping negative energy at bay. DJ Sleep Ez emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with positive influences and avoiding individuals with a detrimental mindset.


Looking ahead, DJ Sleep Ez has an exciting lineup of upcoming shows scheduled for the remainder of the year. He will be hitting cities such as Dallas, Austin, Houston, Chicago, Hawaii, Richmond, and D.C. Fans are encouraged to follow him on their favorite social media platforms to stay updated on his upcoming performances. Additionally, DJ Sleep Ez teases a significant project on the horizon: the release of the Rapalot Midwest Compilation Album. Fans can anticipate the arrival of this highly anticipated album in the near future.

Bonds Simmons new EP release & The New Religion brand


TNR, which stands for “The New Religion,” incorporates several mottos such as “Teach-N-Reveal” and “Truth-N-Reality.” The brand has been actively releasing music since around 2015, and in 2021, it expanded to include a podcast and clothing line. The creator behind TNR is Bonds Simmons, who has nurtured the idea for a decade and is now ready to share it with the world. Simmons, driven by a desire for independence and possessing natural business and marketing skills, launched TNR to create a cohesive platform aligned with his beliefs.

When engaging with the TNR brand, people can expect a diverse offering of clothing, music, and visuals. The aim is to uplift, inform, and entertain the audience through these various mediums. One notable project under the TNR brand is the EP titled “TNR Radio.” This compilation serves as a promotional tool for the brand, featuring a selection of positive and uplifting songs that aim to provide a spiritually joyful experience. The release date for the EP is July 17, 2023.

To stay updated with the brand’s latest developments, individuals can follow Thenewreligionnetwork on Instagram and TNR Network on YouTube. Bonds Simmons can also be found on all platforms. Additionally, Simmons is actively building a presence on YouTube, so subscribing to both his personal page and the TNR Network channel will grant access to the podcast and further content related to the brand.

Check out his recent single ‘Liars

Lil Chappy is gearing up for his latest single release “Put It Down”


Montgomery, AL-based artist Lil Chappy is set to make waves with his upcoming release “Put It Down,” slated to drop on July 4, 2023, under the label Official Entertainment. Produced by the talented TSZ, this track embodies Lil Chappy’s motivation for pushing creative boundaries and showcasing his out-of-the-box talent. With a focus on substance, Lil Chappy aims to captivate audiences with his unique approach to song development.

“What makes this song special to you?” one may ask Lil Chappy. For him, it’s the unparalleled experience of being the final instrument to complete a meticulously composed production. Lil Chappy thrives on the challenge of becoming the missing vocal element that brings a composition to life, making it a truly great song. His dedication to delivering a one-of-a-kind musical experience shines through in “Put It Down.”

Among the memorable lines in the track, one stands out: “I be on some other shit.” This line reflects Lil Chappy’s fearless attitude and willingness to venture into uncharted territory. With its relatable themes and Lil Chappy’s skillful execution, “Put It Down” promises to resonate with audiences from all walks of life. By delving into sensual experiences, Lil Chappy taps into a universal aspect of human nature, creating a connection that transcends boundaries.

Lil Chappy’s upcoming release “Put It Down” is a testament to his innovative approach to music-making. With its bold production and thought-provoking lyrics, this track is sure to establish Lil Chappy as a rising force in the music industry. Keep an eye out for July 4, 2023, as Lil Chappy takes listeners on a captivating journey with his exceptional talent and passion for pushing artistic boundaries.

Kamivilleside – You Trippin feat YFL Kelvin


Cleveland, OH artist Kamivilleside recruits YFL Kelvin for “You Trippin”. The song is a statement to stay focused and not take no for an answer for 2023.
YFL Kelvin best known for his collabos with MGK, Lil Baby, & YK Osiris. Kamivilleside has an electrifying stage show and has been tearing down shows at Odeon, Vortex, and Grog Shop. The video for “You Trippin” is directed by ShootemKese and will be released July 1st. Be Sure to look out for more from Kami via his social media.

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Meet Detroit Barbie: The Real Turn Up Queen of Hip-Hop

Industry Spotlight

If you are looking for a fresh and fierce voice in the hip-hop scene, you need to check out Detroit Barbie. She is a talented rapper, dancer and entertainer who knows how to rock any beat and any crowd. She has earned the nickname of The Real Turn Up Queen because she brings the energy and the vibes wherever she goes.

Detroit Barbie has been making waves in the midwest, touring with Real Rocky Bad and Crowd Freak Entertainment. She has performed in nine cities and impressed audiences with her lyrical skills and charisma. But she is not stopping there. She has some big plans for the summer of 2023.

On June 24, 2023, Detroit Barbie will headline the famous Backwoods and Bonfire festival, alongside Trina, Sukihana and Rocky Badd. This is a huge opportunity for her to showcase her talent and connect with her fans. She is ready to set the stage on fire with her songs and her moves.

On July 7, 2023, Detroit Barbie will also headline The Raw Festival in Oklahoma City at The Criterion. She will share the stage with Sada Baby, Trina, Brooklyn Queen and many more. This is another chance for her to prove why she is the real turn up queen of hip-hop.

Detroit Barbie is a rising star who is not afraid to express herself and have fun. She is confident, bold and authentic. She is also very active on social media, where she updates her followers on her music and her life. You can follow her on Instagram @officialdetroitbarbie and see what she is up to.

You can also watch her new video “Hoochie Mama” on YouTube, where she shows off her rap skills and her personality. The video is colorful, catchy and fun, just like Detroit Barbie herself.

Detroit Barbie is a force to be reckoned with in the hip-hop world. She is the real turn up queen who knows how to make music and make people dance. Don’t miss out on her upcoming shows and be sure to support her music. She is here to stay and slay.

John Blu & Jaraiyia Alize’ – On Yo Best Friend Part 2

Industry Spotlight

John Blu & Jaraiyia Alize’ – On Yo Best Friend Part 2

This new track has the radio, and nightclubs in a frenzy. The new summer anthem, and summertime vibes John Blu & Jaraiyia Alize’ “On Ya Best Friend Part 2” out now on all digital streaming platforms. Go listen now!

John Blu

Jaraiyia Alize’

South Carolina Notable Reezie Roc Announces “Dapper at the Coffee Lounge” Playlist


Reezie Roc and his Dapper at the Coffee Lounge upcoming TV show are proud to announce the launch of the new playlist, titled after the show. Dapper at the Coffee Lounge is a brand new show featuring interviews and guests that appreciate the “dapper” lifestyle. Considering the show
features musical guests, it was only fitting to create a playlist featuring amazing artists to coincide with the brand.

Dapper at the Coffee Lounge is already off to an amazing start, featuring interviews and live performances. Currently, the show is still in production, and will be available in the coming months for streaming. In preparation for the show’s debut, the show’s creator, rapper Reezie Roc, has created a playlist to not only showcase some of the show’s featured guests, but also provide an
opportunity for other up and coming artists to showcase their music on a substantial platform.

Submissions are now open for the Dapper at the Coffee Lounge playlist! All information is below, and to see a preview of the Dapper at the Coffee Lounge TV show, the link is below as well!

For more information about the playlist, or submissions info, please email , Instagram @dapperatthecoffelounge

Dapper at the Coffee Lounge playlist –

Devyn Nicole releases her latest single ‘Vengeance’


I am excited to bring you the inside scoop on the latest release from Atlanta-based artist Devyn Nicole. Her new single, “Vengeance,” is a powerful and empowering anthem that showcases her unique sound and style.
With its hard-hitting beat, catchy hooks, and inspiring lyrics, “Vengeance” is a track that demands to be heard. Devyn Nicole’s vocal performance is raw and emotional, capturing the pain, frustration, and determination that underpin the song’s message.

In “Vengeance,” Devyn Nicole encourages listeners to take control of their lives and stand up for what they believe in. The song is a call to action, inspiring listeners to channel their anger and frustration into something positive and productive. It’s a message that resonates deeply with fans, many of whom have praised the song for its empowering and inspiring qualities.

As an artist, Devyn Nicole has long been a force to be reckoned with in the Atlanta music scene. With her unique sound and style, she has captivated audiences and established herself as a rising star in the industry. “Vengeance” is just the latest example of her talent and vision, and we can’t wait to see what she has in store next.
If you’re a fan of hard-hitting beats, inspiring lyrics, and raw vocal performances, then “Vengeance” is the song for you. Don’t miss out on this powerful and empowering new release from Devyn Nicole.

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New Yfl Kelvin x Ty Bri x Erika Kayne – Fall Thru

Yfl Kelvin x Erika Kayne x Ty Bri connect for a song of the summer “Fall Thru”. Produced by P The Artist, YFL Kelvin one of the most outstanding for the new generation
of artists in the midwest. Erika Kayne has provided the voice of Cleveland music and went viral a couple years ago and has since then collaborated with Snoop Dogg and Jazze Pha.
Ty Bri, has been consigned by Cardi B and had her debut single with Latto “Wake Up” go crazy across the country. The video is directed by Kyle Hammonds and brings to life the back in the day around the girl vibes for your partner to “Fall Thru”.


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