Steel Drumz back at it again

One of the hip hop games’ most diverse and interesting duos is back with their second full length album. The Argentinian and Bahamian one-two punch, who have made their roots in Miami, deliver a 13-track project full of “Gorilla Smackz”, pun fully intended!
With Miami legend Tony Castillo AKA Gorilla Tek at the helm, providing production throughout the entire project, it’s safe to say that they maintained the same chemistry as they did on so many stand- out tracks from their self-titled first album. As a founding architect of the Miami sound, having worked with the likes of Rick Ross, Trina, Grind Mode, Ball Greezy and a plethora of other Miami artists, it would be easy to try to put Gorilla Tek’s sound in a box, but not on this project.
While there are signature records like the infectious ‘Vibin” or ‘PT PT’ featuring Miami Legend McKlezie, the guys show their love of all sounds including East Coast where Steeldrumz find themselves on a boom bap track with two of the games’ legendary wordsmiths, Termanology and FAME of M.O.P.
Additional features on the album include Yogi Calhoon, a Bay area staple on the braggadocio upbeat ‘Swish’, DJ Killa K and Annishka on the sexy ‘Cocowater’, which is sure to heat up the gentleman’s clubs up and down Florida and Lace who provides sultry vocals on the album’s final and most serious cut, ‘Payola’.
After a complete listen of the album, there is no doubt the chemistry is there amongst the two artists and the producer. Purchase the brand-new album by Steeldrumz, entitled ‘Gorilla Smackz’, Executive produced by Steeldrumz and Gorilla Tek on all digital platforms now.

Group Members : Goldenchild Bahamas (GC)  & ResQ

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LA-based artist UCH3NNA has proven his musical ingenuity by being able to always switch up styles and still deliver imposing sounds. An artist, producer, and intermittent rapper, he is part of the new breed who are making American music sound less monotonous. Although UCH3NNA has just recently broken out from the LA moonlighting, his songs such as “Hate” or “Antidote” have clearly made a way for his fast-rising fame in genres like; Hip Hop, R&B and Rock.

At the age of eleven, UCH3NNA began making music in the comfort of his home with the help of the popular DAW Fruity Loops”. His journey set off to an unexpected start after his neighbor’s dad (who was a producer then) introduced both of them to music production. Living in Columbus, Ohio at that time, the prodigy was influenced by renowned rappers “Kanye West” and “Lil Wayne,” along with some of America’s R&B favorites. In 2021, UCH3NNA began to release his own singles and became a popular voice in his hometown for his musical diversity when it comes to switching styles. He has worked with several artists, producing music that is crossing boundaries and influencing other emerging artists in LA where he resides now. His most recent single titled “Fake” which was released back in
October 2022 is one of his latest beseeching displays.

Fake is probably the baton for artist UCH3NNA’s versatile style. Having been comfortable in the genres of Hip Hop and R&B for a while, the talented artist makes an epic arrival on the Rock scene through this single. Gentle guitar riffs lead into the song with an epic sound of the electrifying piano melody. Suddenly, UCH3NNA doesn’t seem to be in a rush to serve bars on this tune but rather comes in with a slow and rising intro. A story about heartbreaks, the single Fake highlights the line between being torn among Real love and Fake love. Together with his outstanding production skills, the gifted LA artist solely penned the lyrics of this song. It is also proof that he is no less tough just because his previous singles strike softer than this number. In addition to the great orchestral sound, UCH3NNA is cleaning up his discography with a diversity of tracks that will be enjoyed by many melomaniacs in years to come. His message is all about the realities of life, friendships, and looking towards positivity in life. One cannot argue with the fact that artist UCH3NNA is currently influencing the sound in LA.
Check out this single on all major music streaming platforms, including Spotify and also follow him on Instagram (@uch3nna_)

Rising Star August Ruiz Unveils Debut EP Things I Never Got To Say


Rancho Cucamonga, California-based artist and singer-songwriter August Ruiz is set to release his highly-anticipated debut EP, “Things I Never Got To Say,” in 2023. The 20-year-old has been quietly working on the project throughout 2022, following a triumphant headline show with collaborator JUMEX. The EP will reflect his personal experiences and emotions, and it is clear that he has put his heart and soul into the project.

The EP’s first single, “All Alone,” has already generated over 90,000 streams on Spotify, setting the stage for Ruiz’s breakout project. The artist kicked off the new year with the release of the second single, “Bad Girls,” a pop-rock dance track that has already garnered over 16,000 views in less than a month.

Fans can expect two more singles as part of the EP’s roll-out, starting with “Hard To Breathe,” featuring Michelle F, set to drop on February 2nd. The track blends hip-hop, pop, and a cascade of emotions and is poised to become a summer smash hit. His upcoming single is a perfect example of the diversity of the EP, showcasing Ruiz’s ability to blend different genres seamlessly to create something truly unique.

August Ruiz’s “Things I Never Got To Say” EP is an emotional journey, a raw and honest portrayal of the artist’s experiences, thoughts, and feelings. With a mix of different genres, the EP is sure to have something for everyone. August Ruiz is a rising star in the music industry, and his debut EP is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates raw, honest, and emotional music. Ruiz promises that fans can expect tons of new music from him in the coming year and beyond.

For more information about August Ruiz and his upcoming debut EP “Things I Never Got To Say,” please follow him on Instagram, check out his YouTube channel, listen to his music on Spotify, and follow him on TikTok. You can also contact him directly via email.

“Jersey City Rappers TAY N ZAE Talk Jim Jones, Queen Latifah and Single “Life of The Party”


In 2022 the duo known as TAY N ZAE walked into the hip hop game the right way with a push from Jersey City based label MALLY GOON Productions. TAY N ZAE moniker “Like A Tag Team Match” ignited club promoters on the East Coast to invite the Jersey artist to perform their new single “Life of The Party”.

“Life of The Party” Official Video

We covered TAY N ZAE tour appearances at Johnathon’s Lounge in Raleigh, North Carolina with Jim Jones and “24 Hours of Peace”hosted by Queen Latifah in her hometown of Newark, NJ.

What was your experience opening up for Hip Hop Icons such as Jim Jones and Queen Latifah?
“It was a great experience I really looked forward to the opportunity and enjoyed being able to let the two of them hear and see what I can do” ZAE. It was amazing; really a blessing truly a life experience” TAY

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“KILLARMY Artist HOFFA Talks Wu-Tang Clan With DRTYBSMNT Radio”

Industry Spotlight

Stream DJ Sincere’s Exclusive Interview With Hoffa of Killarmy

DJ Sincere is back at it after a monumental year. In the fall of 2022 the Queens, New York DJ and radio host announced a syndication expansion and new look for DRTYBSMNT Radio. After ending the year with guest Agallah Don Bishop and Napalm Recordings Bugsy Da God, Sincere steps into the New Year with an exclusive Interview with Killarmy’s Hoffa.

Stream Full Interview I Heart Radio.
Interview starts at 63 min.

DJ Sincere and co- host Mr. Raw set off the interview with a banger from Hoffa “Combat Neurosis (feat. Griselda’s ElCamino) from Killarmy’s 2020 album “Full Metal Jacket”. Hoffa broke down his history with Wu-Tang and notably 9th Prince, RZA Ghostface.

Scorch The Competition


We’re happy to be speaking today with a phenomenal underground music artist with
mainstream notoriety in Hip Hop “ Scorch”! Before we get started, how has 2023 been treating
you thus far?

2023 has been treating me excellent, so far so good. My new single Tan Caliente is steady rising in numbers on TikTok and we just reached 7.5 million views.

What was the role of music in the early years of your life?

Music acted as a positive outlet for me to express myself allowing me to connect to people on a higher level.

Who was your main musical inspiration?

Stephen Brown Senior, my father who was my musical inspiration. He was in a group called The Charts back in the day and had a hit song called Desiree.

What are your top 5 dream collaborations?

My top 5 dream collaborations I would have to say that my list would be significantly longer because there are so many artists I’ve been inspired by but I would have to say Jay Z, Kanye, Rihanna, Eminem, Lil Wayne.

Do you create music for yourself or for your fans?

I create music for my fans but I have created some intimate songs that were therapeutic for me as well so I would have to say both.

What is your best gig you’ve ever played?

I would have to say Glendale arena.

How do you energize your audience?

I’m an action junky so I’m jumping into the crowd. Dancing getting the fans to repeat the hook back to me literally moments after they hear it.

What formula do you follow when you are writing songs? Or is it not a formula, but a process
for you? Explain.

I listen to the beat, if you listen to the music the song will literally tell you what to write making the finished product organic and not forced.

What is the biggest problem you have encountered in the journey of music?

Getting my music out to a larger audience was a problem that has since been rectified.

What are your other interests besides music?

Acting, I’ve always wanted to star in a leading role in a movie.

What advice would you give to someone inspired to walk in your footsteps?

I would tell them hard work and dedication is a key component to reaching their musical goals. Also, don’t look for people that you know to support you. Don’t get me wrong any and all support is good but a stranger doesn’t have an attachment to you, so when they support they don’t expect that back ten fold and when they give criticism it’s raw because they are not invested in your feelings. You don’t need a bunch of yes men around you.

New Alylah Divine Releases New Video For “Dancing In The Dark”


Alylah Laquan Divine Brown also known as Alylah Divine is a nineteen year old artist from the city of Akron, Ohio. She started making music at the end of 2021. Originally She was in a duo with another artist. They decided to go their own ways but Alylah continued to make music that resonated with her. She is inspired by the talent and work ethic of female artists like, Beyoncé, Ari Lennox, Justine Skye, and Muni Long. Her favorite artist currently is Doja Cat. She admires how versatile Doja is as an artist. It took her a while to find her pocket genre wise but she would consider herself a pop artist with R&B undertones. She enjoys ballads but also fast paced hype songs. A highlight of hers is at her first performance ever. Many people enjoyed her sound and wanted to know where to find Alylah Divine on streaming platforms. Alylah makes music for lover girls who have been hurt before and are trying to heal.

After the success of her first single, “Time,” Alylah has released her second single, “Dancing In The Dark.” The new ballad produced Chop God is gaining recognition as quickly as first single.

“The concept from Dancing in the Dark that I really want listeners to understand is gratefulness for a partner. This generation has a funny way of showing love for others and it becomes very toxic. I have been on the receiving end of that and I felt very unappreciated. But through it all there is always room for growth. I really want those emotions to come through.”-Alylah Divine”.

You can follow her music career on Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter @alylahdivine.


IL Boi starts the new year off with new single ‘Taking off’ ft Rick Ross


IL Boi is back with the biggest feature of his entire career. IL Boi has teamed up with Rick Ross to deliver a club banger. This track has a BPM of 81 and a lot of energy. The track starts right away with IL Boi spazzing with some quality bars with Rick Ross following right behind him. This is a must-listen record in terms of the quality of how the record was done and how both artists brought the heat. The track is called Taking Off and both artists definitely took off to make a great record.

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Ariel Houston Closes 2022 With 3-Single Streak

Industry Spotlight
The fourth quarter of 2022, singer-songwriter Ariel Houston showed us all she didn’t come to play. No stranger to hard work, Ariel returned like a breath of fresh air from a long hiatus, gifting us with hit single “Body” in October. She then followed the melodic masterpiece with “Guns Down Life Up” featuring Bone Crusher in November and “Loose U” with New Jersey recording artist Sunny Jorge in December. Ariel’s consistency in the fourth quarter has industry vets forecasting a chart topping 2023 for the multifaceted songstress.
Stream all three singles via Spotify below.

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Azriel Clary Brings In Birthday With New Single “Wait On Me”

There’s nothing like good music to soothe the soul, end the year and celebrate another trip around the sun. Azriel Clary, now professionally known as Azriel, celebrated her birthday by gifting fans with new music. Friday (Dec. 30), Azriel released her third offering of 2022, “Wait On Me“. The track follows singles, “Sounds of An Angel” and “Inside Me“, and sets the tone for a chart climbing new year.
Stream “Wait On Me” via Spotify below.

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