ODF/Capital Structure Releases Idd Ack new single “Go”


Cleveland’s Idd Ack returns as the King of The Clubs with his new big hit “GO”. Produced by Hitmaker MattlightTheFlame. The dynamic duo place hypnotic cadences over a deep bass to get things moving for the summer. Last year the two with DJ Ryan Wolf created one of the biggest songs in Ohio “Hop” which landed him as a top artist on This Only Happens in Ohio top 50 list. This year Idd Ack joined forces with industry veterans Mally The Martian and Big Heff has things lining up great for Idd Ack. This single is his first through Modus Distribution as Idd Ack looks to take his signature dance and catchy hooks to a major level with touring and merchandise. Idd Ack first jumped on the scene with his first song “Dump The Cooler “from there it’s been a building buzz since.
Performing at the Z1079 Summer Jam. Songs featuring Icewear Vezzo & Babyface Ray. Idd Ack was also featured on DJ Ryan Wolf “Hit It” featuring Soulja Boy & Ty Bri. With an upcoming Release for his EP. Be on the lookout for Idd Ack.

Dj Download Link: https://nervedjsmixtapes.com/singles/GO-452816.htm

Florida artist Shaun Peezy’s new single release ‘On My Own’


Introducing Shaun Peezy, a First Generation Asian American artist hailing from the vibrant city of Miami. As the CEO of General Principle Music Group (G.P.M.G), a groundbreaking independent record label based in South Florida, Shaun Peezy is making waves in the music industry.

With an impressive catalog of captivating tracks and visually stunning music videos, Shaun Peezy has established himself as a force to be reckoned with. His YouTube channel, Peezy G.P.M.G TV, showcases his diverse musical talent, captivating audiences with over 100 original songs and numerous visually captivating music videos.

Shaun Peezy’s most recent musical endeavor is a captivating collaboration with Miami recording artist Tafia, who is proudly signed to Meek Mill’s renowned Dream Chasers label. Together, they have created a dynamic new song titled “On My Own.” This highly anticipated release embodies their unique styles and promises to captivate listeners worldwide.

Be sure to explore Shaun Peezy’s latest music, available on all major streaming platforms. Stay tuned to witness the unstoppable rise of this visionary artist.

Atlanta’s Next R&B Star Charlise J Releases Highly Anticipated Single ‘Confidence’


Southern songstress Charlise J is no stranger to the limelight, many of you got familiar with her when she sang the chorus on ‘Clay James’  ‘Playa’ record which also featured Atlanta legend Young Dro. Others may remember her collaboration with Alabama star Translee entitled ‘Say Yes’. Whether you’re a new fan or an old one, you will agree that this young woman is a special talent. She took a brief time away from music, but now she’s back, and better than ever. Charlise reunited with her old label ‘Playas Club Music Group’ to release her newest single ‘Confidence‘. Charlise J popped back up on the Atlanta underground scene performing this song as well as previewing it at this year’s SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas. It’s been receiving great feedback hence why she decided to use the ‘Mondo’ produced track as her first release coming off a four year hiatus. Charlise’s producer Mondo is responsible for hit records by some of your favorite artists like: Moneybagg Yo, 2Chainz, Kodak Black, and Bankroll Fresh to name a few. Stream ‘Confidence’ now on all digital streaming platforms. Stay in tune with Charlise J’s releases and shows by following her on Twitter @CharliseJMusic and on Instagram @CharliseJ. We’re expecting PCMG’s 1st and only lady to have a break out year in 2024.

Griffin’s King Elway links with Deante’ Hitchcock and Sushi2Raw on New Single ‘Classic’


King Elway has been making a name for himself quite sometime now in Griffin, Georgia. But now that local buzz has begun to spread onto the national stage through consistency, hard work, and great music. King Elway’s Kream Team LLC recently went into a joint venture with Scotty ATL’s Cool Club imprint in conjunction with Clay James’ Playas Club Music Group to form a partnership and super support system for Elway. This venture combined with the soulful sounds of super producer Black Metaphor will certainly help King Elway and the ‘Kream Team’ reach new heights. Friday, Elway released his first song since the announcement of his new partnership entitled ‘Classic’. This track was produced by Black Metaphor and features rising stars Deante’ Hitchcock and Sushi2Raw. This song can be found on all digital streaming platforms and audiomack. Stay in tune with King Elway, all his future moves, and releases by following him on social media @KingElway.

[New Music] Kaddy Kobain “No Fux”


Kaddy Kobain, an artist hailing from Atlanta, GA (originally from Lafayette, IN), has recently released a captivating anthem titled “No Fux.” Produced by the talented Bobby Kritical, the track is a powerful reflection of Kaddy’s personal journey and triumph over adversity. Motivated by the envy and negativity surrounding his success, Kaddy channeled his emotions into this energetic song, aiming to inspire others facing similar struggles.

“No Fux” holds a special place in Kaddy Kobain’s heart due to its relatability. The artist’s goal is to bring people together and let them know they are not alone in their experiences. Doctors, teachers, trappers, bartenders, producers, artists, and individuals from all walks of life have expressed their deep connection to this song. Its universal appeal resonates with listeners and serves as a reminder that they can overcome obstacles and thrive.

Among the powerful lyrics in “No Fux,” one particular line stands out as Kaddy’s favorite: “Remember me? The one you said wasn’t good enough and had to leave. I told you I would make this shit, you can’t believe, but I bet you ain’t got that same type of energy… right now.” These words carry a message to those who doubted Kaddy’s potential back in his hometown. Despite facing homelessness and uncertainty, he was determined to prove them wrong and achieve his dreams. This line serves as a reminder of his resilience and unwavering determination.

Looking ahead, Kaddy Kobain has an exciting lineup of projects for his fans. He is embarking on the YNWA’merica tour/doc series and preparing to release a new album titled “Uncover’d.” Additionally, he has plans for the release of the “No Fux” Official Music Video and his latest single “Dead Mimes.” Fans can also anticipate a captivating short-film and much more. Kaddy Kobain’s journey is one worth following, as he continues to push boundaries and inspire with his music and artistic endeavors. Stay tuned for the upcoming releases and announcements from this talented artist.

Bronx Artist Godbliss Drops New Single “Bread Winners”


Godbliss is back with his new single “Bread Winners,” and it’s dedicated to all the real hustlers and bread winners out there. What is a bread winner? The Bronx, New York recording artist defines it as a person that takes it upon themselves to hustle and bustle, and to do whatever is necessary to get the bag and stand out from the crowd financially. The track has a “mafioso” feel to it, and has a slower, more methodical sound compared to Godbliss’ previous cut, “Party At The Hut”. Connect with Godbliss and stream “Bread Winners” below.

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Facts You Didn’t Know About Bizz the Prince


  In 2011, the Jersey Club sound became a popular regional trend which seemed to be only familiar to the New Jersey underground and DJ’s primarily in North Jersey. In 2023, Jersey Club is now an international trend with Lil Uzi Vert and Da Baby dropping chart topping Jersey Club records this year.

  What the world doesn’t know is Bayonne, New Jersey rapper Bizz the Prince was one of the innovators of Jersey Club. In 2011, the Garden State rapper released his debut retail album via Koch  “Prince of Jersey” 2.0. The album featured the Jersey Club record “Drop it Down” which was remixed by Newark, New Jersey’s DJ Lil Man. The remix “Drop it Down”  (left – right) became a trend in New Jersey and Miami earning over 1 million streams combined.

In June  of 2023, Bizz the Prince signed with Dominion Hill Records and his single“New Jerz Anthem” was released via Roc Nations Equity Distribution. The record is another Jersey Club banger from Bizz the Prince.

“Yo we started this sound Jersey Club / Jersey Drill I’m him”

  Is the lead lyrics to his new single “New Jerz Anthem” as the Prince let the industry know where this sound was originated. Although the single dropped only 1 week ago, Instagram and TIK TOK creators are showing their support with dance challenges  and the audio has been used as an anthem for Jersey athletes and Garden State die – hards. Naughty by Nature hip hop icon Treach added a like to a recent Instagram post promoting the single.

“When I signed my first deal back in 2011, i was a kid, In 90 days I went from rapping on my block to BET – into the studio with Freeway, Omillio Sparks, Q Parker of 112, Wu-Tang and DJ Kay Slay. I was busy with touring and radio all over the country. I wasn’t in Jersey a lot because of my schedule, I didn’t know my record was influencing the Jersey Club sound the way it did. I was saying to my label the remix is popping in Jersey and Lil Man is really behind this record. I don’t think they understood at the time but I knew Jersey Club wasn’t going nowhere”. Bizz the Prince

The new single “New Jerz Anthem” is now available on all DSP’s including Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, TIK TOK and You Tube Music.

DJ Sleep Ez debuts his new single “Don’t Won’t It”

DJ Sleep Ez, a talented artist from Chesterfield, VA, has recently released an electrifying track titled “Don’t Won’t It.” This song, produced by DJ Sleep Ez himself and the renowned JD On Tha Beat, is a result of the demand from his dedicated squad. Motivated by their encouragement to create music that surpasses his previous work, DJ Sleep Ez embarked on a mission to craft a track that exudes both vibe and energy.


“Don’t Won’t It” holds a special place in DJ Sleep Ez’s heart for multiple reasons. Firstly, it features his little brother, Fresh Porter, marking their first collaboration. Additionally, it proudly boasts DJ Sleep Ez’s first out-of-state feature, with the inclusion of Fat Pimp. The unique aspect of this song lies in the studio atmosphere during its creation. The entire team contributed ideas and suggestions, deeply connecting with the vibe and energy DJ Sleep Ez was striving to create. Loah Semi, who has collaborated with DJ Sleep Ez on three previous tracks, elevated the record with his exceptional first verse.


When asked about his favorite line from the song, DJ Sleep Ez immediately points to the hook. The line that resonates with him the most is, “Yall Broke N#*!a Stay Away From Me,” which is cleverly flipped to “Yall Leeching As B$^3h Stay Away From Me” on the second iteration. This line carries a powerful message about keeping negative energy at bay. DJ Sleep Ez emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with positive influences and avoiding individuals with a detrimental mindset.


Looking ahead, DJ Sleep Ez has an exciting lineup of upcoming shows scheduled for the remainder of the year. He will be hitting cities such as Dallas, Austin, Houston, Chicago, Hawaii, Richmond, and D.C. Fans are encouraged to follow him on their favorite social media platforms to stay updated on his upcoming performances. Additionally, DJ Sleep Ez teases a significant project on the horizon: the release of the Rapalot Midwest Compilation Album. Fans can anticipate the arrival of this highly anticipated album in the near future.

Bonds Simmons new EP release & The New Religion brand


TNR, which stands for “The New Religion,” incorporates several mottos such as “Teach-N-Reveal” and “Truth-N-Reality.” The brand has been actively releasing music since around 2015, and in 2021, it expanded to include a podcast and clothing line. The creator behind TNR is Bonds Simmons, who has nurtured the idea for a decade and is now ready to share it with the world. Simmons, driven by a desire for independence and possessing natural business and marketing skills, launched TNR to create a cohesive platform aligned with his beliefs.

When engaging with the TNR brand, people can expect a diverse offering of clothing, music, and visuals. The aim is to uplift, inform, and entertain the audience through these various mediums. One notable project under the TNR brand is the EP titled “TNR Radio.” This compilation serves as a promotional tool for the brand, featuring a selection of positive and uplifting songs that aim to provide a spiritually joyful experience. The release date for the EP is July 17, 2023.

To stay updated with the brand’s latest developments, individuals can follow Thenewreligionnetwork on Instagram and TNR Network on YouTube. Bonds Simmons can also be found on all platforms. Additionally, Simmons is actively building a presence on YouTube, so subscribing to both his personal page and the TNR Network channel will grant access to the podcast and further content related to the brand.

Check out his recent single ‘Liars

Lil Chappy is gearing up for his latest single release “Put It Down”


Montgomery, AL-based artist Lil Chappy is set to make waves with his upcoming release “Put It Down,” slated to drop on July 4, 2023, under the label Official Entertainment. Produced by the talented TSZ, this track embodies Lil Chappy’s motivation for pushing creative boundaries and showcasing his out-of-the-box talent. With a focus on substance, Lil Chappy aims to captivate audiences with his unique approach to song development.

“What makes this song special to you?” one may ask Lil Chappy. For him, it’s the unparalleled experience of being the final instrument to complete a meticulously composed production. Lil Chappy thrives on the challenge of becoming the missing vocal element that brings a composition to life, making it a truly great song. His dedication to delivering a one-of-a-kind musical experience shines through in “Put It Down.”

Among the memorable lines in the track, one stands out: “I be on some other shit.” This line reflects Lil Chappy’s fearless attitude and willingness to venture into uncharted territory. With its relatable themes and Lil Chappy’s skillful execution, “Put It Down” promises to resonate with audiences from all walks of life. By delving into sensual experiences, Lil Chappy taps into a universal aspect of human nature, creating a connection that transcends boundaries.

Lil Chappy’s upcoming release “Put It Down” is a testament to his innovative approach to music-making. With its bold production and thought-provoking lyrics, this track is sure to establish Lil Chappy as a rising force in the music industry. Keep an eye out for July 4, 2023, as Lil Chappy takes listeners on a captivating journey with his exceptional talent and passion for pushing artistic boundaries.