Atlanta New Artist “Spencer DTM” New Single Solidifies the Artist is In a Lane of Her Own



Atlanta born rapper, brand model and influencer Spencer DTM (Do The Most) started her journey as a social media influencer who started freestyling as a way to respond to a few undesired diss tracks that someone created about her. Instead of fighting or arguing she went old school and took the musical route which instantly went viral.

The 18-year-old rapper whose real name is “Spencer Ellis” has worked with various artists and performers over the years including YouTube Recording artist “Killuminati”, “Lil Durk & 2 Rare” and a host of others. Spencer is a versatile lyrist who has the skill to jump on any track and make it her own. Her new single “Too Cool” is a modern-day anthem that questions friendships that fall apart over small misunderstanding the track also highlights empowerment and achieving success. Her position on the beat exemplifies her mastery in the game she is definitely in this industry for longevity. “Too Cool” is available now on all downloading platforms.

“DTMnation” are the group of supporters that follow this growing artist and influencer on and offline. You can follow Spencer on IG @dtmspencer or her YouTube channel on DTMnation. For booking the artist, please email . or media information please email

Lonny Cash is a Bilingual Lyrical Powerhouse Who Spits Fire



Lonny Cash the bilingual lyrical story weaver originally hails from San Jose, Costa Rica when he came to the US in 1999, he did not know English. Lonny at the age of 9 allowed the power of music to be his teacher he would listen to artist such as Lil Wayne and Jay-Z and would soon master the English Language. Not only would he learn the language he would dive into the culture and create a music lane for himself. Lonny moved to Atlanta and while he eventually made music with artists and producers such as Angie Stone, Benzino, Rockstar Squat and Babyface Ray he would start his move off living in his Mercedes trying to make sense of everything he was going through.

In 2016 Lonny released “Foreign Policy” the EP featured 6 songs that took him to another level and created an awareness for his talent in the industry. The EP was written by Lonny and featured various producers on the project. After the project he started to release various singles including the radio hit “Adios”. Lonny has also been featured in a movie entitled “Always Consequences” featured on Tubi.

Lonny’s new single will be released on September 27, 2023 entitled “Deep Throat” executive producer Jerome “Romeo “Leaks and written by Lonny Cash for the upcoming new EP “Lady’s Love Cash” . The bilingual artist will also release various songs to his YouTube channel that will pay homage to his native land and feature some amazing national and international artist. The new single will be available on all streaming platforms and currently available for pre save on Spotify. Follow Lonny Cash on IG @IamlonnyCash and YouTube Channel Lonny Cash.

Introducing New Upcoming Rapper Blakk Moses


Stream ‘Way We Live’ on Spotify

“Dream bigger than others can imagine and always remember if you can see it, you can be it.” This is a quote rapper Blakk Moses lives by. It reflects his big dreams and dedication as an artist. He is confident that he is destined to become the next superstar to make it out of the Midwest and he is ready for the world to know his name.

Coming from having a love for all genres of music while incorporating storytelling and addictive flows, the Youngstown, Ohio native can flip the switch from gutter rap to hype sounds. Growing up, he looked up to rap icons like 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, and Tupac. These artists helped develop his sound and aesthetic. It is his versatility and songwriting abilities that will ultimately set him apart from his peers over the coming years.

“I moved to Cleveland in the 7th grade, I have to give thanks to my mother for getting us out of the city and setting me up for a better life.”

Blakk Moses who grew up in a family that comes from the streets frequently thanks his mother for everything he has in life. She always aimed to steer him in the right direction and support his dreams. His brother was drafted into the NBA and Moses was going to follow him but he ended up hurting both of his knees. He looks at the situation as a positive though explaining the injury ruined his basketball career but it helped him focus on his overall purpose.

In his previous songs like “Bend Sum” and “5Eva,” it shows listeners everything Moses is capable of making. He calls “Bend Sum” a heavy banger that is bound to get music lovers on their feet. However, at the top of the year, he released his EP called ‘Wikk Blokk Vol 1.’ This was a special moment for him because he really felt like a rapper. He always knew he was a star and the music he was making proved just that.

Moses is hitting the ground running with his first promotion run visiting multiple cities in Florida to promote his latest single “Way We Live.” The new single produced by Cleveland native DeBake gives the listeners a glimpse in to the how Moses grew up. The video will be released early October and the song is now available on all streaming platforms.

“I see myself evolving in every way. I love music and one day I will be versatile enough for everyone.” -Blakk Moses

Florida Dates

9/11 Miami, FL

9/12 Miami, FL

9/13 Jacksonville, FL

9/14 Orlando, FL

9/15 Tampa, FL

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Bilbro$e Bagginz releases his new single feat. Crip Mac “Story”


Bilbro$e Bagginz, being an independent underground artist has officially made himself a few steps closer to becoming the mainstream artist he’s set out to be. His new song with rising star and comedian Crip MacStory” just might be the boost they both need. This song is an authentic story about 2 hustlers who believe and stand on being real and following the code. The purpose of this song is to reach anyone who can relate and respect the power of networking.


Mugs International Unveils New Single “I’m Ok” With DJ NORAP


Stepping in as the “Hometown Hero”, Chicago’s own Mugs International unveils her new single “I’m Ok” with none other than the talented DJ NORAP. Under the management of Louisville, Kentucky industry vet and recording artist, Rob Run Corleone and joining forces with TNF/EMPIRE, Mugs is ready to elevate her online presence and introduce to the world the undeniable talent that’s served as one of the industry’s most skillful hidden gems for over a decade.

Repping both Chicago and Philly, where she’s spent a great deal of time during her career, Mugs plans to inspire the masses to live in their truth through her timeless style and relatable lyrics. Stream “I’m Ok” below, and be sure to connect with both artists via Instagram @mugs_international and @djnorap to watch for future drops.

Griffin, GA Rising Star King Elway Releases ‘In My Soul’ Featuring Translee


Griffin, Georgia rising star King Elway just released ‘In My Soul’ featuring Translee. If you love real hip hop, lyricism, and soulful production then this is the perfect track for you. Both artists delivered on their verses and we can see this being one of many collaborations from these two in the future. This track was produced by another Griffin up and comer Jet Taylor. Elway and Jet are frequent collaborators and they’re developing a distinctive sound that is bound to take the industry by storm. This week Translee and King Elway will be joining Scotty ATL’s ‘Show Ya Grill’ Tour which starts in Greensboro, North Carolina on Thursday. Other acts on the tour include: DJ Luke Nasty, Drummaboy, Akeem Ali, Sushi2Raw, T-Hood, BBA Trigga, J-Lock, and Scotty ATL. This is a 15 city tour all over the south and tickets are on sale right now. The tour stops in Elway’s hometown Griffin, Georgia on September 24th. Stream King Elway’s ‘In My Soul’ on all digital streaming platforms and make sure you buy a ticket to the ‘Show Ya Grill’ Tour. Follow @KingElway@Translee on all social media to keep up with their future releases and concerts.

IL Boi presents Gritty Ent Cypher Volume 1


 IL boi brings midwest artists Wak 815, Gng R3d on3 and Reily Wilson together to create a classic street style cypher.

 Each artist is unique and stays true to their roots to deliver nothing but midwest bars. This is a must listen and has a bpm of 92.
Special shout out to King Elite for making the beat! Type in with all these artists by checking out the links below.

Song name: Gritty Ent Cypher Vol 1
Artist names:
IL Boi
Reily Wilson
Gng R3d On3
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Southern Playas Clay James And Pimp Sweet Tooth Release ‘How I Work’


Clay James and A Pimp Named Sweet Tooth are buzzing underground solo acts which have garnered local and national success. Together they formed the super group ‘Southern Playas’ and they’ve been taking Atlanta by storm since their inception. A lot of people became familiar with the ‘Southern Playas’ because of their hit single ‘Southern Playa Sh*t’ which became an underground classic in Atlanta. Clay James is currently working on his ‘Kickin Pimpin Vol.2’ project which is executive produced by FKi’s Saucelord Rich which is set to debut later this year. Two weeks ago Clay released his first single off that project entitled ‘007’ and it’s been making a lot of noise on the internet and in the streets. ‘007’ will make its radio debut in Clay’s hometown Savannah, Georgia next Monday 94.1 FM and the music video is set to appear on BET Jams within the next week. Building off the momentum of ‘007’ Clay decided to link up with his southern playa counterpart ‘A Pimp Named Sweet Tooth’ to release his second single ‘How I Rock’. These two skated effortlessly over the Saucelord Rich produced track and it’s truly a southern work of art. Listen to ‘How I Rock‘ on all digital streaming platforms and watch the video on Youtube. Follow @WhoIsClayJames @PimpSweetTooth on all social media.

Drama releases his latest single “Rise Up”

Drama, the artist behind the infectious hit “Left Right Left,” is back in the spotlight with his latest track, “Rise Up.” Signed under Tymeless Entertainment, Drama’s musical journey continues as he released this energizing anthem on August 18, 2023. The song is a collaboration with renowned producer DareDevyl, known for crafting beats that seamlessly fuse raw energy with captivating melodies.


Drama opened up about the motivation behind “Rise Up.” Reflecting on the song’s inception, Drama revealed that it was a response to a need to defend his city and team’s honor. The lyrics address the challenges his city faces, and Drama passionately emphasizes the strength and unity of his community. He states, “My team, my city, the fans – we go too hard to let that go.” This sentiment is not only a driving force behind the song’s creation but also resonates as a powerful message that underscores the track’s significance.


“Rise Up” holds a special place in Drama’s heart, as it encapsulates the feeling of being on the brink of battle, ready to conquer any obstacle that comes his way. Drama compares the song’s energy to stepping onto a gridiron or entering the frontlines of a war, invoking a sense of determination and unity. He describes it as a battle cry that signals the impending intensity of the moment, urging everyone to stand strong and united in their pursuit of victory.


Among the impactful lines of “Rise Up,” Drama’s favorite stands out: “Put the lights on me, highlight me, beast mode for the world to see, put it all on the line, bets on me.” This line encapsulates Drama’s mindset when the spotlight is on him, symbolizing his readiness to elevate his performance and lead his team to victory. The call to “Rise Up” becomes not just a rallying cry for himself but an anthem for listeners to join him in overcoming challenges and pushing boundaries.


For fans eager to experience Drama’s electrifying energy live, the artist has announced upcoming shows that promise to be electrifying. For booking inquiries, interested parties can reach out to Tymeless Entertainment’s management at or call 470-210-1913. With “Rise Up,” Drama continues to solidify his position as a force to be reckoned with in the music scene, inspiring listeners to unite and overcome in the face of adversity.



Akron’s Alylah Divine returns with a new club banger produced by Philly Ferrari Beatz. The song finds Alylah moving on from a toxic relationship that seems to never let go of each other. Philly Ferrari Beatz known for his hits with Ty Bri, Rootabang, DJ Ryan Wolf and Bigg Sugg. This is the first song the two connected on as Alylah is working on a debut project. Alylah burst on the music scene in 2022 with her song and video “Time” produced by The Chop God. The R&B and Pop vocalist made DJ Kristyles WOVU playlist with her vibey song “Dancin In The Dark”. Alylah Divine also caught a bit of the acting bug with a cameo in the movie “The Capp” which premiered n on Amazon Prime, Tubi, and Shein TV. Alylah also opened for Ysn Flow, The New Energy Stage, and label mate DJ Ryan Wolf. Alylah Divine has an upcoming show at Glennville Festival August 12th, 2023.